Gay Cowboy Lust Bundle (Gay M/M Western Erotica) Tabatha Christi Author

Gay Cowboy Lust Bundle (Gay M/M Western Erotica) Tabatha Christi Author
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Genre: Gay Cowboy M/M Erotica RomanceThis 18,000+ bundle contains: Riding The Ranch Hand and My Best Friend’s Son. Get both sides of the story. Take it both ways for the full experience.Riding The Ranch Hand (Gay Cowboy M/M Erotica)When Todd arrives on the ranch for summer work, he’s surprised to find his boss Jim Miller is an attractive older cowboy. Definitely not the best thing to keep his budding homosexuality in check. Jim Miller on the other hand isn’t sure what to make of the hot and muscular grown-up son of his best friend. Being openly gay in the country isn’t the smartest thing you can do but who can deny the feelings of the heart or passions down below? Should they take a risk and see where their deep buried feelings lead them? To danger, physical pleasures, or both? -My Best Friend’s Son (Gay Cowboy M/M Erotica)What’s an older gay cowboy to do when the younger grown-up son of a lifetime friend shows up on his farm looking less like the skinny kid from his memories but rather a hot and muscular young man with his own homosexual tendencies? Sure he’s legal but there’s no way he can partake of the forbidden desires no matter how much he wants it, can he? Even if he does, there’s a town full of people who don’t take kindly to gay folk. Should he take the risk and see where the forbidden road leads him? This 18,000+ word bundle contains detailed description of hot gay western cowboy sex including anal, oral, and masturbatory situations all mixed with a dash of romance and is intended for adult readers only. Note: Riding the Ranch hand and My Best Friend’s Son share the same universe and story. If you want to know Jim and Todd’s story of temptation and turmoil from their own perspective, read on.

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