Gay Erotica Bundle#2 (5 Erotic Stories) Sapna Patel Author

Gay Erotica Bundle#2 (5 Erotic Stories) Sapna Patel Author
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Gay Erotica Bundle#2 (5 Erotic Stories)1. FINAL ROUND:They are about to read the manifesto, two great former friends who can’t seem to see eye to eye. Kennedy wants to meet, but Henry thinks not. He does not like Kennedy, but then again Kennedy has him in a fix and he has to go to save his political face. What happens when Henry decides to go?2. SCHOOL AFFAIRS:His son is acting up thanks to his very confused life and the teacher wants to see him. He believes in dealing with problems right then and there, but soon realizes that this could be the best problem he would ever solve. Will the teacher bend towards Garry or will he have to show that he is more serious?3. UNVEILING SECRETS:Benny finds out something about his lover that he doesn’t think he can live with. It’s something he has to confront his friend about and the confirmation leads to something he didn’t expect. Will Benny look past the not so little misunderstanding or will he walk away?4. THE AFTER PARTY:After a truth or dare session with his friends, years back, Kim still has the memories and he wants to relive them. The problem is that he wants the same person he was dared against and or it won’t work. Years pass and then finally his dream come true and he has his moment.5. THE QUESTION:Billy is agitated that his friend is leaving. He knows so because the man was moving boxes all over his front lawn and now the problem is he can’t ask for an explanation because he does not want to sound improper and does not want to seem desperate. Or does he?For Mature Audiences Only (18+)

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