Gay Erotica Collection: Three Story Bundle Veronica Bates Author

Gay Erotica Collection: Three Story Bundle Veronica Bates Author
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Three gay stories in one pack. Includes Keep It On The Down Low, Under Your Spell, and The Hottest Summer. Contains explicit sex between men. 18+Keep It On The Down Low:Richard, a married man, has lusted after his guy friend for some time. But after a few beers, and implementing his super secret seduction plan, he failed tremendously at resisting his friend’s charms. Both become desperate for each other, and also desperate for a wife-free place for sex. Will they be able to keep their clandestine romance on the down low?Contains adultery and graphic gay sex between an older man and a younger man.Under Your Spell:What happens when your crush accidentally drinks a love potion and starts uncontrollably lusting after your body? Brian soon finds out that the power the potion has on Will isn’t just bewitching him into love – it’s making Will incapable of keeping his hands off of Brian!Contains graphic gay sex between two horny college teens.The Hottest Summer:Everyone was shocked to see Daniel when he came back to work at the summer beach resort. He had become… well, HOT. As people fall in love and lust over him, a certain arrogant and possibly schizophrenic co-worker, Ethan, tries to prevent them to take what is rightfully his.Contains graphic gay sex between two men.