Gay Erotica Vol. 5 Dick Powers Author

Gay Erotica Vol. 5 Dick Powers Author
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Several erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of a doctor engaging in gay sex to test the boundaries of his sexuality, a bunch of cowboys who decide to cheer up one of their own with a bit of rope play and an orgy, a gay body builder threesome with one big customer, and many more. There’s something for everyone within!Selected stories from ‘Gay Erotica Vol. 5’:# Doctor And Patient Sex (Kinky)In Doctor And Patient Sex an addict and a doctor cross the line of trust for the purpose of self discovery and healing in one sexy scene that takes them beyond the boundaries of their roles to something much more. A hot story with a few surprising revelations included.# Gay Cowboys Intervention (Threesome)How far would I go to help a friend? I run the ropes around his legs and yank down his pants. We’re all naked on this star filled night. The mood is set. Everything is right. But is this really going to draw Tom from his depression? I cross my fingers. Sex is the ultimate solution.# Gay Bodybuilder Threesome (Threesome)In Gay Bodybuilder Threesome a young and inexperienced – yet incredibly hooked on men of big stature – supplement store clerk is propositioned by a big customer. Thinking that he might get lucky with this hunky man, who definitely ticks off all the boxes on his wish list, he swiftly agrees to meet up. However, there’s a third party that the clerk doesn’t know about and he will change everything.# Postal Affair (Uniform)My dream - desire - in tight blue shorts. The post man delivers and I wish he’d deliver to me today. I sigh and straighten. He’s not gay - I’m certain. However, The truth is stranger than any fiction. A threesome? One dream becomes reality!# Gay Sportsmen Sex (Interracial)In Gay Sportsmen Sex a young white gay man on a all black team finds out the ’team secret’ in the most unexpected of ways…. and many more stories within

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