Hardcore Erotica Naughty Daydreams Press Author

Hardcore Erotica Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Five Explicit Erotica StoriesHardcore erotica is some of the bestselling fiction around, and nobody does hardcore erotica like Naughty Daydreams Press. In this collection, you’ll find some amazing hardcore erotica, with rough sex and sweet sex, straight sex and lesbian sex, and even virgin sex!1. WITH OUR HUSBANDS, TOO (An Erotic Foursome With Lez Sex Short) by Nancy BrocktonEver since Susan and Angela enjoyed their first lesbian encounter and ended up in a torrid threesome with Susan’s husband Griffin when he caught them in the act, Griffin has been excited about the prospects of getting Angela’s husband involved for a foursome. Watching his wife and his partner Jason’s wife have lesbian sex was great, and getting a chance to take two women at the same time was incredible, but more than anything he wants to tell his partner, “bang my wife!” He knows the girls are still seeing each other, doing everything they can to relive the fun of their first lesbian experience, and he has a plan. It worked to catch them the first time, so why not arrange for both of them to be caught again, and this time by Jason, too? How will the ladies react? Will they want to share their husbands?2. DELANEY’S MYSTERY MAN (A Stranger Sex Bondage Erotica Story) by Tracy BondFor months, a man has flitted in and out of Delaney’s life for brief and bizarre bondage sex encounters that have left her desperate for more. A slap on the rear, a strange comment, a sexy dance at a club—he’s consumed her thoughts! She can’t date anyone else; she can’t masturbate without imagining him; and she has no idea who he is! Finally, at her friend’s wedding, he finds her and takes her, leaving her breathless and bound as his domination reaches an astounding and incredible climax.3. YOU’RE TAKING BOTH OF US (A Very Rough and Reluctant Double Team Anal Erotica Story) by Veronica HalsteadSue is ready to say goodbye to her cheating boyfriend Jimmy, but Jimmy begs her to come over. If he can’t stay with her, he’s going to enjoy her body one last time, and even if he is a cheating jerk; he’s not all bad. After all, he’s invited his old high school buddy to join in on the fun. Just a few minutes after stepping into the house, Sue has two guys to deal with, and these guys don’t care how reluctant she is to take them on! Does it make her some kind of a slut that she actually likes it?4. ON MY HUSBAND’S POLE (One Night as a Stripper) by Jane KempKorrine and Max are back, and this time it’s the exhibitionist fantasy of performing as a stripper that fills their top ten women’s sexual fantasies adventure. Korrine has already enjoyed so many fulfilling encounters because of Max’s devotion to her list. Will stripping live up to the rest of the experiences? After a scorching hot show and a bout of rough public sex, Korrine might just consider a career change.5. THREESOME FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S WIFE (An MFF Erotica Story) by Erika HardwickLaura is happy to be Jack’s trophy wife. Sure, he’s made it clear that her position is reliant on her maintaining her body, her wardrobe, and her attitude to his standards, but it’s a small price to pay to escape the poverty she’s known her entire life. Not only that, but she has real feelings for Jack, and she hopes he feels the same way about her. One thing is certain, marriage to a billionaire means being ready to push boundaries, and when Jack comes home with a beautiful girl, it won’t be long before Laura has her first lesbian sex experience in the middle of a torrid threesome sex encounter. That’s not it, either! She gets to watch as the beautiful lesbian loses her virginity to her husband!

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