Hardcore Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author

Hardcore Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories from Sophie Sin. Included are the story of two perverts and their birthdays, a small woman who loves big things, a sailor on shore leave and the hottest whore ever, and a zen master with the rather puzzling challenge of pleasing a karma sutra master. There’s something for everyone within!‘Hardcore Erotica Vol. 2’ contains the following four short stories:# Cleaner VS Night Manager (Alpha Male)Kim longs for the larger than life and Hiro - a stallion of a man and quite the hunk - desires the small. Sometimes honesty can lead us to new and wonderful places. A night of revelations changes the lives of two in the devilishly sexy story of a small woman finding both pleasure and pain down the path of ‘bigger things’ presented to her by a hunky well hung man.# Zen Master VS Karma Sutra Master (Orgy)Zen can resist - can’t he? The ultimate sex fiend takes on the mountain of calm with odd results. Karma doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. A man with a mammoth piece and a mind of steel is not to be trifled with. East meets even further East in a no prisoners taken sex session that mixes Zen and Karma for best effect!# Soldier VS Whore (Seduction)Jimmy has just spent months squeezed into the ship’s barracks and now has only one thing on his mind: Finding a whorehouse and ensuring no one there walks straight for a week. However, on the way a gorgeous whore named Pek catches his eye. Unfortunately, she’s protected by the toughest pimp in town. Can Jimmy steal Pek away or will he have to comfort himself in the arms of lesser women?# Birthday Boy VS Birthday Girl (Light Bondage)A quirky guy with a reputation meets a girl with more than enough going for her to make the average man notice. Sparks will fly, but more is on the table than a casual fling. Will this monstrous beast of sexual perversion be able to keep it in his pants or will nature take its course and the beast have its way? Find out within.

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