Hardcore Erotica Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author

Hardcore Erotica Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a pop star pleasuring her male fan base, a president who likes to do it in public, the love-hate date of a waitress and her least favorite customer and how it all turns out, and a professor blindfolded and spanked by his angry lovers. There’s something for everyone within!‘Hardcore Erotica Vol. 4’ contains the following four short stories:# Popstar VS Fan (Seduction)She LOVE her fans! She’s horny and he’s it. This popstar will do anything to please the men that adore her - including sleep with them on tap! Wild times and wilder events can be found in this sex laden erotic story. Get horny with the best of them as Sophie Sin brings you a short, sweet and oh-so-sexy story that will make you melt in all the right ways. Satisfaction can be found within!# Professor VS Students (Threesome)A super hunky professor has no less than THREE sexy women on the books. How much ’love’ can a man handle and, moreover, how much at once? Find your answers within in this hot and heavy erotic masterpiece that will blow your mind (and other things as well!) When a woman tells a man she wants him, he must act. Come enjoy the disciplining of a teacher who went too far!# President VS Aide (Public)Giving a speech while receiving oral isn’t as easy as they say. An explorative president engages his sexy young aide in a full day of passion and all under the public’s noses! Get into your groove with the nastiest president in Europe. Filthy acts? No problem. Naked illicit sex? Bring it on. Get caught? Well, sometimes… Come get your rocks off to the sounds of an impeachable offense!# Waitress VS Customer (Romance)One hunky customer and one sexy waitress and love and hate relationship that is kinky enough to be illegal. Sophie Sin brings intense hardcore erotica straight to your e-reader with this scorching hot story to moisten the breath and more in a sexy story that is romantic, hot and loaded with hardcore sex. When a man and woman who hate each other go on a date, can there be a happy ending?

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