Her Moment Of Weakness - Lesbian Erotica Shala Breece Author

Her Moment Of Weakness - Lesbian Erotica Shala Breece Author
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Her Moment Of Weakness is a Lesbian Erotica short story - F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.When Molly’s husband goes out of town on business for the weekend again, she is convinced that he is having an affair. Left at home alone with her four kids to care for and plans to clean the attic, she looks to her babysitter, Tina, for help. But is Tina really interested in helping out with the kids, or is she just waiting for the right time to act on her secret desire to be with Molly? A long-forgotten box of sex toys gives both women the opportunity to act on their desires, and in a moment of weakness, Molly gives in to the temptation and finds herself in the arms of her babysitter.Excerpt“Oh, snaps! It’s the tickler!” she exclaimed. Her enthusiasm was very apparent and quite shocking to Molly who sat there startled at her reaction to one of the smallest devices in the box of toys.“I’ve wanted to try this for some time now, but I could never get it when it’s in stock,” Tina admitted, as she examined the device she had placed on her finger.“We can try it now,” Molly blurted out, covering her mouth sheepishly soon after. Why had she even said something like that? “Oh gosh, I am so sorry,” she apologized profusely, hoping that Tina would overlook the slip of her tongue.Tina gave a warm smile that took her by surprise. “It’s okay, Mol. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, trust me,” with that she moved closer to Molly. Less than an inch apart from her body. They could feel each other’s hot breath and as Molly looked into her eyes, she saw nothing but raw passion and desire.“I’d love to try it out on you,” Tina teased.

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