Hilarious Gay Erotica Cooper Effron Author

Hilarious Gay Erotica Cooper Effron Author
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This is a collection of 5 stories by Cooper Effron. Cooper Effron, master of wit and compelling erotica, is featured in this anthology collection of five stories. Each story features hot stories told through sexy men with a wit and humor in grammatical style and situational comedy. You will laugh and be aroused while you follow Cooper through five of his best works, cherished by hundreds or readers around the globe.Father-In-Law’s Neighbors: My father-in-law has two college aged twin twinks living next door. They really appreciate their elders, from the mailman to their neighbor, my Father-In-Law which comes in handy when he punishes them for making a naughty mess in his pool. Father-In-Law Coaches Bears: My Father-In-Law works as a coach at the local community college and rules his baseball team with an iron fist. I help him out one day as a temporary assistant coach. To say the players were a handful is a criminal understatement. Father-In-Law Provides: My Father-In-Law is a blue collar manager at the local bus company. He got me a job and it was my first day- time for me to pay the price for his generosity. Thank goodness the new job had plenty of perks and my coworkers kept their perks hard and ready at all times. Brother-In-Law Owns Me: A car accident landed my Brother-In-Law in my care but with some tender loving care and a well placed hot tub he demonstrates how he completely owns me. My Super and the Magnum: My apartment manager was really great at fixing all kinds of problems. He was especially great at pulling things out of my drain. Now it is time for me to put something in his, and let the neighbor watch while I do. Each story is different from the last and offers Cooper’s trademark hot hilarity.