His Rejected Eden Is My Paradise Hawkie Erotica Author

His Rejected Eden Is My Paradise Hawkie Erotica Author
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Erotica romance story of sex and cheating. Cheating wife, cheating husband, and cheating mistress. The husband cheated until he cheats himself out of a wife, she was now poised with purpose in the arms of a woman. He left himself out in the cold lonely and confused like he had made her feel. His pillow was his companion for now on the matrimonial bed, while his wife and her new lover, his once mistress were now an item. He brought her into the relationship and now his wife was having an affair with her. Two is a company and three is a crowd, so he was omitted from the equation.A blatant liar was what he called his wife when he found out she was in love with a woman. He saw them getting busy and a rage of jealousy hit him like a bolt of lightning, and although he was prostrate on the floor he still fainted. He blamed himself for the woman she has become after starving her of intimacy for over a year. What manner of husband was he to be satisfying other women’s needs while denying his wife of such pleasure? Complacency was his when he constantly cheated on her. Until finally, she became weary of crying and decided to burst forth from his tangled web of deception to walk in freedom of will.Now she was happy, and joy was hers to have and to hold as she bask in the ambiance of electrified erotica romance that sometimes cloyed her. Complain became a thing of the past and intimate pleasure now occupies the present. Her new lover was all she desired to be the person who she really is, since for too long she seek refuge in her husband’s arms. He has failed her numerous times, it’s too much to mention. He was not a bad person, it’s just that he couldn’t keep his zipper up. Now his wife didn’t have to worry no more she was comfortable with her dream lover. She had no intention of ever being intimate with him again or any other man for that reason. So he has accepted her for who she is and what he has caused her to become.

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