Holders Of The Deep - Paranormal Erotica/Action and Adventure Erotica Parker Heimann Author

Holders Of The Deep - Paranormal Erotica/Action and Adventure Erotica Parker Heimann Author
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Holders Of The Deep is a Paranormal Erotica/Action and Adventure Erotica short story - F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Pamela has always known she is a survivor; after all, she has managed to survive her captivity on a pirate ship. She has suffered and prevailed through the many abuses at the hands of men. She has been forced to submit and entertain, all against her will and most of strange. Now it seems she has survived the hardest thing of all, a shipwreck. She has vague flashes of memories about the destruction of the ship she was on and she has no knowledge of what has happened to the crew. She has somehow managed to survive but how can that be? Why is she underwater and who are these lovely, passionate female creatures who surround her? These beautiful, otherworldly creatures are fascinated by her and seem ready, willing and able to make her feel at home. But does she want to be at home at the bottom of the sea? Better question, does she really have a choice?ExcerptIt was then that Pamela realized that she was naked, too. Shame flushed over her but the mermaids were around her just as quickly, brushing their hands on her. She saw that their eyes had gills, slit spaces for breath. It was so strange and bizarre. A strong, soothing force emanated from their hands. Each palm’s energy felt similar, as if they all shared the same life force.Don’t be afraid, Pamela could feel the strange women saying energetically, without words. They wanted her to relax. Pamela’s body started to ease calmly into a paralyzed trance as the mermaids held her, slowly exploring her body. They rubbed her sides, her face, her breasts – instantly, her nipples hardened. Although Pamela couldn’t be that physically responsive, she could feel everything.Suddenly, a less pleasurable sensation entered Pamela’s mind. A sharp tug of pain widened her eyes as memories started to flood her vision with familiar images. She could see the sea captain. Her heart opened. All the love she felt for him stirred to life. Clearly, he was right in front of her retinas, the sunset skies behind him, his face smiling. In a range of images, she saw herself in his bedroom once more. The heavy panting of sex and the hard rides of lap riding entered her memories again. His groaning and head turning, the seed spilling into Pamela’s cunt – all of it warmed her up to the mermaids.

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