Home Invasion Sensations - Black Erotica Shala Breece Author

Home Invasion Sensations - Black Erotica Shala Breece Author
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Home Invasion Sensations is a Black Erotica short story - F/M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.When Lisa Spearman heard her husband come home, she went out to greet him like she normally always did. The scene that greeted her in return caused her to gasp in fear as she began to panic.How did this intruder get in, and why was he holding her and her husband at gun-point? The intruder speaks in a thunderous voice that has them both cowering, performing his every instruction, and making the couple perform sex on each other. In a sudden change of events there are mixed feelings in the room as the intruder himself joins the couple. The three indulge in the most mind-blowing erotic experience that leaves everyone wanting more of these home invasion sensations.ExcerptLisa sprung from her seat and walked over to where her husband was seated. “So,” she said, “about the ménage-a-trios I think I want it right here, right now,” she continued as she gave him a devious look. Thomas’ eyes lit up but it was Jerry who got the most excited. His dick stood at attention as he watched Lisa passionately kiss her husband. “Can I join now,” he asked in an anxious voice. Lisa turned her attention to Jerry and replied, “Yeah, baby it’s a threesome, ain’t it,” winking with one eye.

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