Horror Erotica: The Decision Danika Falls Author

Horror Erotica: The Decision Danika Falls Author
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The Decision is a Horror and Interspecies Erotica short story - F/M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Tammy has a difficult choice to make. Unfortunately, to do this, she has to go over the details of the worst night of her life. One night after a long night of work, she is seduced by this handsome man turned animal. At least, she hopes it was some kind of animal. She doesn’t want to face the possibility that it was demon. As she relives the horror, she realizes that it was, in fact, a demon. Even worse, she has been feeling an odd sensation in her womb. It’s as if something is growing in there. It is then she realizes that she has no real choices anymore. And just when she thinks she has escaped from the beast within, she finds that there are other forces at work. And these forces aren’t willing to let her go anywhere or do anything to let her escape before her unholy baby is born!Excerpt:It looked like a man, tall and then with well-toned muscles. She walked toward him, into the woods and noticed that he was completely naked. The moonlight flickered across his features enough for Tammy to see that the man was very handsome. She didn’t miss that his was rock-hard and jutted out from his hips. His hand began to stroke himself….

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