Hot Ink: Your Guide to Self-Publishing Erotica Laura Steele Author

Hot Ink: Your Guide to Self-Publishing Erotica Laura Steele Author
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Brand: Scorch Erotica
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Get yourself a slice of a billion-dollar pie.The romance and erotica markets generate more than a billion dollars in sales every year. For a fledgling author, these are heady times; for the first time in history, authors can now create their own businesses self-publishing their work, relying on their writing to bring in passive income around the clock, around the world.Hot Ink is your guide to the specialized niche of erotica writing. The writers and editors of Scorch Erotica have spent years accumulating the experience that you can now possess just by clicking “Buy Now”. Hot Ink is full of specific, practical guidance that will benefit any writer interested in self-publishing, but goes into particular detail about the unique considerations presented by writing erotica. If you’re looking to start your own publishing business by turning fantasies into cold, hard cash, this book will help you plan your strategy. Among the topics:An overview of the self-publishing industry todayWhere to sell your workPricing your titlesHow to handle formattingCreating cover imagesRecommended resourcesAnd others…Publisher’s note: this is a guide for the beginning self-publisher, or one who is thinking about making the leap. Experienced publishers may find useful tips within, but they are not the primary intended audience.