I Want to Be Bad [Interracial WW/BM Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author

I Want to Be Bad [Interracial WW/BM Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author
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Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet in your mouth…These ladies taste plenty of it and dish it right back, in interracial erotica that will please and titillate. Give it To Me Baby:Tina’s secret online chat affair is about to get up close and personal, because her fantasy man is coming to see her live and in the flesh. Tina’s husband, Pat, is hitting the golf course for a tournament, so that buys her some time for her mystery man to come see her. Will Tina squeeze in enough time of sucking, sexing and hardcore passion before her husband returns? Darryl is coming to town, and give it to me, baby, won’t be the only thing that Tina will be screaming. EXCERPT: When Darryl showed up, Tina was on cloud nine. He was a good 6-foot-2 and all muscle, towering over Tina’s tiny frame. She stood on her tip toes to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him, before looking Darryl deep into his eyes. “Looks like someone is happy to see me,” he said, with a smirk. Tina reached her hand down and squeezed the hot meat in his pants, as Darryl’s erection was pitching a tent that was too big to hide. She stroked his cock through his pants, grinning from ear to ear. “Looks like someone is happy to see me also,” Tina said. Snow Bunny Surprise:Most guys get a new shirt or a gift card for their birthday. Katrina, being the excellent girlfriend that she is, brings home another girl to show her man that she loves him. Her best friend Rachel is a sexy white girl with red hair, who loves girls just as much as she likes guys. They take turns sucking and licking her man, before doing the same to each other and taking a pounding for the ages! EXCERPT: “Your turn,” I said, turning to her with a cocky look in my face. I wasn’t sure what to expect. She very well could have had a change of heart and gotten jealous while I was going to work on her friend. Instead, what I saw was the exact opposite, and she seemed even more attracted to me. “That was so fucking hot,” she said, with fire in her eyes. “I love you,” Katrina said, pressing her lips against mine and shoving her tongue down my throat and licking my lips and Rachel’s juices off of my face.Little White Mistress:The clock is ticking and Cindy and Lawrence are playing with fire… While Cindy is naked, on her knees, sucking on a mouth full of Lawrence, Lawrence looks up at the clock and realizes that his wife will be home in 20 minutes. They’ve been sneaking around and having sex for the past few weeks, but this was the first time that they were brave enough to actually have sex in Lawrence’s home. Realizing that time is short, they tear each other apart, as Lawrence throws Cindy around the apartment, taking her on the couch and giving her rug burns all over her bottom, breasts and stomach as he pounds her out on the floor. They lick, suck and taste each other in between positions, and it’s clear that their lust has grown in these short weeks. A surprise turn of events at the end of their session shows them just how far their feelings have progressed. Will they beat the clock or will Lawrence’s wife come home and catch them in the act? WARNING! Mature readers only… This story features depictions of a horny mistress on her knees sucking a big one, lots of dirty talk, spanking, biting, licking sucking, doggy style, ball sucking, fingering, girls on top, nipple pinching and SO much more. EXCERPT: We started meeting up whenever we had free time to sex each other’s brains out. There was 69 in the backseat of my car after work, head on my lunch break, doggy style in the park when I went on my morning jog… We tore each other part each and every time we got together. In this moment we were truly playing with fire, because it was the first time that she had been to my home. I looked at the clock while pushing her head up and down on my rod, and saw that it was about 20 minutes until my wife would be home. She usually called first, so I figure that would buy us some time. Still, there were no guarantees, and the thrill of danger only intensified this moment. I stood to my feet and straddled her face, forcing it into the back of her throat.

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