Innocence Lost - From Tragedy to Triumph Treas Michelle Belle Author

Innocence Lost - From Tragedy to Triumph Treas Michelle Belle Author
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…that he may dip his finger in water, and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame. Luke 16:24Treas Michelle Belles reaches up from the depths of the hell that is the porn industry to reach out and warn others about the truth about the glamorous life of a porn princess… She exposes her tormented soul in order to prevent another woman from falling into the inescapable trap of the adult film industry. Not for the faint of heart, Ms. Treas tell her biography in her own words… in her own tears. I dare you to read this novel and not have your eyes opened. CJ CassidyAnd the truth will set you free. John 8:32The following story is based on actual events in the life and times of Ms. Michelle Treas. It is the story about a child who lost her innocence at a very young age and her life spiraled downward into abuse, alcohol, porn, drugs and prostitution. She’s not placing blame here; she only chooses to explain how the ‘glamourous’ life of an escort and an ‘adult entertainer’ isn’t what Hollywood makes it out to be. There is no ‘Pretty Woman’…Ms. Treas has given me poetic license in order to tell her story of pain and heartache. I wasn’t present when these events occurred in her life and many details may be blurred in her memory but she has agreed that the sentiments behind my interpretations are spot on. This biography is based on over four hundred interview questions with her and my personal take on her life story. This is not ‘dark erotica’ although she does go into her sexual adventures in stark and vivid details. Her story is raw and edgy and definitely not for the faint of heart.Be prepared to be shocked and appalled at the life she has led and remember one thing at all times;There but for the grace of God, go I!After reading this novel; you will never look at the ‘XXX rated Adult Entertainment Industry’ the same way again!CJ Cassidy

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