Interracial Erotica: More than Enough Trista Jaco Author

Interracial Erotica: More than Enough Trista Jaco Author
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More than Enough is an Interracial Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Ellen hadn’t heard from Josh for a while. He’d had a tough time in the last two years, ever since his fiancé Vanessa had died in a car crash just a few weeks before their wedding. Vanessa had been Ellen’s best friend, so she was always aware that she was a constant reminder of Vanessa for Josh. Suddenly, out of the blue Josh contacts her and invites her over for dinner. While surprised by the invitation, Ellen, who has always fancied Josh, is intrigued to find out what prompted this turn of events. She dresses as seductively as she can and makes her way to his place, but what will she find waiting for her when she arrives? Will Josh have finally turned a corner and decided it’s time to rebuild his life and if so has he already found someone new? When Josh reveals his intentions, Ellen is more than happy to help Josh to move on.Excerpt:“Good, actually,” he said, a curved smile tilting his gorgeous lips. She could hardly tear her eyes away from them and wondered if he could read the desire blazing in her eyes. She really didn’t want to scare him off by doing something drastic, but being this close to him was making her go crazy. She really didn’t want them to be talking right then – she wanted them to be fucking. On the couch, against the wall, even on the Persian rug right there on the floor…it didn’t matter. So long as she had his cock stuffed into her pussy she didn’t care about the smaller details.“I’ve been…thinking a lot about what you always used to tell me. You know, about trying to move on after Vanessa. That it’s what she would have wanted,” he said.Ellen nodded firmly. “I know it is. Vanessa loved living, loved to seize the moment. She wouldn’t want you to miss out on your own life just because she was no longer in it,” she told him kindly. “And it’s been so long since you’ve even dated. So…have you found someone?” she asked, hoping she didn’t sound too crestfallen at the prospect.He seemed to pause and then looked up at her with a direct gaze. “I think I have. I mean, she’s been there all the while, a great friend, very supportive,” he said, his tone deep and low. “It’s been hard for me, keeping her at arms’ length for so long when all I really wanted to do was…” He broke off and then shook his head with a smile.“Go on,” Ellen urged, though it was making her heart crack into pieces inside. If he’d fallen in love with some girl…