Interracial Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author

Interracial Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are a deli store owner cheating with a hot pants wearing MILF, a girlfriend setting up a threesome with a model, one woman’s cockolding of a loser ex-boyfriend who dared too much, and a kinky romance between a woman and the man she finds too attractive to speak to. There is something for everyone within!‘Interracial Erotica Vol. 1’ contains the following four stories:# Sporty Women & Tight Pants (Seduction)The tempestuous white harlot steps through the door in pants so tight that she must have sinned twice just putting them on. Mr. Abdul leans over the counter. Is Hot Pants going for the condoms? A price check is in order. And with that another sordid encounter has begun that will leave the aforementioned Indian shop clerk very happy and one young white lady more so.# Dairy Deli Threesome (Kinky)Karry has always been a bit of a twisted sex fiend, but today she has reached new levels of fiendishness. Sammy stares down at the picture she has sent. His eyes are appropriately wide. A model… And so another sordid threesome adventure has begun; however, this one has more kinky twists than Sammy could have ever imagined.# Teach Me, Please (Domination)They all thought they were so tough trying to kidnap a young woman, but they didn’t even have a chance. Outdone and outclassed, she offers them an ultimatum: Satisfy her fully or face a fate worse than death - all in front of her foolish ex-boyfriend, who thought he could get revenge on her for dumping him (silly boy). And with that, the most horrifyingly kinky story in the series begins.# Dairy Proposal (Romance)Bobby walks through the door. Diana looks up and seeing her stalker quickly puts her head down. I’m here to discuss the loan. She shudders. The man’s voice makes things tingle in her; his gorgeous body and handsome face are worse. If he were ever to find out about her secret practices… her fetish. No, it is unthinkable. And with that, two people fell in love - sort of.

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