Laying Odds (High Stakes Erotica, #4) I. M. Telling Author

Laying Odds (High Stakes Erotica, #4) I. M. Telling Author
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Laying Odds is the fourth story in the High Stakes Erotica Series. Jack and Chloe attend their first full-blown swingers’ party. Their friends Al & Debbie as well as Michelle go with them. Jack asked the girls, how many men are you going to do tonight and three girls all yell out in unison… “All of them!” This is the tale of their first experience at a swingers’ party that is actually a full-blown orgy and it is a great one. In a very larger house, naked people everywhere and lots of you know what going on. Chloe can’t even remember how many men she was with that night. Jack has more than one new experience that he needs to stop and think about; he doesn’t tell Chloe about Cocksucker Bob, at least not until a year later. One thing they agreed on was that it was really fun and they were ready anytime for the next one. All books of the High Stakes Erotica Series. 1. The Wager 2. Another Wager 3. Raising the Stakes 4. Laying Odds 5. Black Jack 6. All In 7. Full House 8. Hit Me

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