Lebian Erotica: The Housewife's Secret Ethen Shear Author

Lebian Erotica: The Housewife's Secret Ethen Shear Author
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The Housewife’s Secret is a Lesbian Erotica short story - F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Denise is a housewife from the suburbs. She is friends with her next door neighbor, Nicole. Nicole is recently divorced and Denise drops in one night to check on her to see if she is doing all right. Nicole is sad, and Denise has some time to kill. Denise soon discovers that she can, indeed make Nicole feel a bit better about her current situation. Not only that, Nicole knows a lot about making Denise feel good, too! Has Nicole been secretly hiding her feelings and inclinations from Denise? Whatever it is, Denise and Nicole make a good pair as they explore and tease and please each other both in the bedroom and in the backyard…. Denise even has a few tricks up her sleeve and some toys in her closet. They kept that a secret and since then, whenever they have the chance, the wild sex is on, for now at least.Excerpt:One summer day, when my husband and kids were gone hiking and I was alone at home, one of my lady neighbors, Nicole, asked me if I could keep her company. She recently divorced that crappy man of hers and things weren’t too bright in her life. With the thought of doing something good for another woman, and since her house was the next one on the left, I just put a white beach dress on and left the house. Once I arrived at her place, I saw her depressed. Her red eyes told me that she cried, a lot, that morning. I’m not a shrink and dealing with these kind of problems are not part of my qualities. Not knowing what to do to make her feel better, I just asked if she wanted some wine. So, we started drinking and chatting. When the bottle was almost empty, we started to feel the alcohol kicking in and, because of that, I think, but I’m not sure, she spilled some wine on my white dress. She panicked and kept apologizing. I panicked too because that dress was one of my favorites. I took it off and asked her where the washing machine was. She told me it was in the first room on the right. So, I ran there, and she ran after me. Yet, once I entered the door, I didn’t see a washing machine, anywhere.“This is your bedroom. How am I supposed to wash my dress in your bedroom?” “Well, Denise! We can do something else in the bedroom.”Just then, I realized that I was standing in front of her half naked. I only had a pair of lace panties on me, with no bra. She was coming toward me, unbuttoning her shirt. I was backing off, scared, until the wall stopped me. She placed one of her hands on the wall and whispered something in my ear, with a kinky voice.

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