Lena's Medical Erotica - The Complete Series Lena Holt Author

Lena's Medical Erotica - The Complete Series Lena Holt Author
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Lena’s Medical Erotica - The Complete Series1. LENA’S FIRST GYNECOLOGICAL EXAMLena has just booked her first gynecological checkup. While on one hand she is terrified of what the doctor will do to her, on the other she is dying to be examined in such an intimate way. Truth is, she has been feeling increasingly aroused at the memory of a book on women’s health that she saw when younger, and now all she can think about is finding a doctor who would touch her like no one has ever before. When a friend mentions the practice of a gynecologist with a somewhat unorthodox approach, Lena sets out to coax him into mischief. Finally, she thinks, I will play out my fantasy! But the reality is that she has no idea of how invasive and embarrassing these exams can be, especially if the patient is a naive newbie and the doctor a master manipulator with an agenda. Without realising that she has bitten off more than she can chew, Lena is now knocking on the doctor’s door for a mind-blowing experience that will kickstart her lifelong desire to be pleasured by the hands of a consummate professional…2. THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOWDr Tony Rodriguez, gynecologist, is relaxing in his office after a hard day at work, reminiscing about a lovely new patient called Lena whom he has just introduced to the joys of a meticulous checkup. He’s about to call it a day when another patient of his, Karla, shows up announced. She has been fooling around with a casual boyfriend, which is a problem because her conservative culture condemns premarital sex. Will her future husband believe that she is untouched? Could the doctor allay her fears? Tony can’t believe his luck: two beautiful, compliant women in one day! He gave Karla a full gynecological exam last month (her first), so he knows that his overtime will be worth it. While outwardly shy, her reactions left him in no doubt as to how much she enjoyed the experience. And indeed, Karla’s motives for seeking the doctor’s attentions are far from innocent.Looking forward to a repeat performance, Dr Rodriguez leads Karla to his exam room, where he will conduct another thorough medical assessment of her sexy body.LENA AND KARLA GO TO THE DOCTORLena and Karla go to the same university but aren’t what you would call best friends - at least until they discover that they see the same gynecologist.As the young women grow closer, they start talking about their experiences with Dr Rodriguez and his unconventional methods, in a crescendo of lustful fantasies that culminates in the ultimate dare: shall they rock up at the doctor’s office together? Lena’s follow up visit is due soon and Karla is eager to observe the proceedings from up close.Initially hesitant, Lena soon realises that her submissive tendencies are accompanied by a wild exhibitionist streak: the more she pictures Karla watching as the doctor humiliates her, the warmer she feels between her legs. And the outwardly shy but sexually adventurous Karla has her own agenda, with regard to both the handsome doctor and her sexy new friend… A journey of discovery that involves stirrups, submission, light restraints, and forbidden desires.

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