M4M - A Sexy Compilation of Gay M/M Erotica from Steam Books Jolie James Author

M4M - A Sexy Compilation of Gay M/M Erotica from Steam Books Jolie James Author
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Feel the passion that occurs between men in M4M, a compilation of 4 sensuous tales from Jolie James, Melody Lewis, Dara Tulen, and Bernadette Russo, four erotica pros that will take you into the loving arms - and legs - of these hunky guys straight out of your dreams. M4M is perfect 4 men, 4 women, 4 whomever admires manly love.This bundle includes:SENSUAL REUNION by Jolie James. Noted erotica author Jolie James makes her M/M debut. After growing up with one another, Jordan moves away from the neighborhood he shared with Damon. Ten years pass and the two are reunited. Over the course of their absence from one another’s lives, each has come out without the other knowing. Reunited, they find they have a flame to rekindle and awaken a dormant friendship to a world of passion.HEATED GAMES by Melody Lewis. Tyler Anderson has always dreamed of being a professional basketball player and when he is given the chance to be just that, he is ecstatic, more so when he lands on the same team as one of the players he has always admired, Seth McNeil. What he never expected, though, was that his admiration would turn into something more, turning everything into a whole new ballgame, or that he would be made to decide between passing up on the chance of being with the man he loves or shooting for it, even if it means risking his career.MANLY HOSPITALITY by Dara Tulen. Lawyer Tristan Perry has been jaded since his last relationship ended badly and never wants to fall in love again. Everything changes when, due to a freak blizzard, Tristan meets Bryce Stanton, a handsome writer who shows Tristan that it’s okay to open his heart again.THE FOURTH MASSEUR by Bernadette Russo. Simon frequents a massage parlor in the Philippines where the people have taken care of him for almost three years. Simon loves the massages and has always enjoyed them on a theraputic level. But when a new masseur, Pio, arrives, Simon struggles not to enjoy it on a sexual level, too…WARNING: This 18,650-word compilation includes hot sex, romance, M/M action, blowjobs, anal sex, interracial white-on-Asian action, cum swallowing, jocks, massages, and may be too much for some readers to handle!

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