Making It (Short Gay Sports Erotica) Louis Stevens Author

Making It (Short Gay Sports Erotica) Louis Stevens Author
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James, an Olympic swimming coach, and Drew, his charge, keep getting in each other’s hair. James promised himself that he would get Drew to the Olympics whatever it took, but his charge isn’t making it easy for him. A steamy breakfast encounter changes everything and now, coach and charge can’t get enough of each other. James begins teaching Drew a few things, his charge is only too keen on learning.If you watched - and enjoyed - the recent Olympic Swimming events with their hot, young, well toned guys in tight fitting, wet swimwear, then you may will be in for a further splash of the same…Only this time, it gets a lot more raunchy.Hot, hot, hot gay erotica from one of the best authors to hit Deviant Erotica’s gay selection since Christian Quinn.Warning: This 6300 word short erotic gay story includes topics on m/m, anal, oral, rimming, dominance, lycra, and petite build. Not for the faint of heart.