Men At Work: Three Gay Erotica Stories Dixon Cox Author

Men At Work: Three Gay Erotica Stories Dixon Cox Author
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These big men certainly knew how to handle their tools… The customer isn’t always right, but sometimes men in service will go a long way to ensure that their customer is left completely and utterly satisfied. Three men get a lot more than they bargained for when they call in the professionals. This is service with a smile… and a lot more! WARNING: Men At Work is a 15,500+ word collection of gay hardcore erotica short stories, intended for adults only. This collection features mature content scenes that some readers may find distressing - reader discretion is advised. Servicing The Crew: Waiting for the bathroom to be renovated, the man of the house is caught having some personal time at his laptop by one of the workers. What happens next is beyond his wildest fantasies – but will it speed up the construction of the new bathroom at all? Serviced By The Salesmen: It’s the late 1970s and John’s about to discover just what lengths the salesmen at the store will do to help him find the perfect pair of jeans. Simon and Jerry are overly helpful, and they aren’t just interested in the measurements of his inside leg. John soon finds that these salesmen are prepared to go to extremes to ensure that he is one very happy customer… Serviced By The Plumbers:With no money and an overflowing toilet to fix, one man has to work out a deal with the two plumbers who have come to to help. There’s a lot more than just one pipe to clean… and are they really as helpful and friendly as they seem?