Men, Muscle & Mayhem Milton Stern Author

Men, Muscle & Mayhem Milton Stern Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: STARbooks Press
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The first complete erotic collection from the creator of Kosher Man and Dr. Musclestein! STARbooks Press is proud to release the first complete collection of the erotica of Milton Stern, who infuses his stories with funny characters, strange plot twists, and lots of sheet tangling sex. Well-known for his dark humor in On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg and Michael’s Secrets, and his popular biography, Harriet Lane, America’s First Lady, for the first time, Milton displays his versatility by presenting stories from his erotic side. Milton’s characters range from superheroes to scientists to master sergeants to wrestlers to football players and more. An erotic collection like no other, Men, Muscle & Mayhem will have you laughing and writhing at the same time. Featured stories include: -Kosher Man and the Shegatz -Stepbrothers -A Real Gym -The Lab Rat -Who’s the Daddy? -The One Giving the Orders -Plus a dozen never before published stories! This is your only chance to obtain the complete collection of gay erotica by Milton Stern.