Men's Erotica:Domestic Wife Fucker Parker Heiman Author

Men's Erotica:Domestic Wife Fucker Parker Heiman Author
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Domestic Wife Fucker is a Comedy, Humor, Couple’s, and Men’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Don’t call him a chauvinist! He’s just a rich socialite who knows what he wants and he certainly can afford it. He is starting to get bored with the things money can buy and his dearest friend and frequent bed partner tells him that he should consider getting married. A rich man knows how to shop around, and after a great deal of browsing, he discovers that he has a taste for the married life - only he doesn’t want to really be married! He may have found the secret to the best possible relationship. There’s only one thing missing, his best friend Angela. Will she consider being a part of the deal?Excerpt:If there was any place he could find solace from the outside world, it was probably Angela’s. Angela had met Richard at a masquerade party years ago. Richard revealed his face and Angela revealed hers. From there, they felt an instant affinity. Neither of them would ever go as far as to say that there was chemistry or fireworks but they hit it off well as friends and sexual partners.Angela was a pretty woman. She had very fair skin and deep red hair. Her body was lean and healthy and her eyes were always low as if she was amused by a secret joke. Her teeth were white and her lips quite full and soft. Richard loved to kiss them.Their first night of passion had been intense. The masked sex was pretty good. Richard had come to the party as a gorilla while Angela had merely worn a Venetian gown and mask.

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