Men's Erotica: Teaching Her A Lesson Farrah Seager Author

Men's Erotica: Teaching Her A Lesson Farrah Seager Author
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Teaching Her A Lesson is a Men’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.There are many attractive girls around the campus and throughout the school, but this young teacher never really paid much attention to them and he’d never experienced any actual desire for any of them. Vicky was different. She was a smart student and when she had the motivation to knuckle down, she always produced good work. The difficult part was getting her motivated and to get her to actually show up to lessons. Fortunately, young Mr. Scott seems to have figured out a way to reach her and to encourage her to take an interest in what he has to say. He’s not really sure if he’s doing the right thing and the one time he’s tried to speak sternly to her, it backfired. He knows the attraction is taboo, but does she? And will he be able to resist such an art pupil? What will he risk to have her?Excerpt:I stood directly in front of her now and we had found ourselves in a strange almost intertwining position. She was sat down with her knees bent and open slightly while I was standing with my legs open slightly and one of her knees was between my legs. I saw her eyes drop down to look at my crotch, which was a mere inch from her knee. She raised her leg ever so slowly until her knee gently met me. I felt some slight pressure on my balls and then she started to move her knee in circles so she was gently massaging me.“Vicky, what are you doing?” I tried to sound serious but my voice cracked and I didn’t move a muscle, clearly giving her permission to continue. The massaging of my balls combined with the danger and excitement of the situation meant that it wasn’t long before I started to get hard. Vicky’s eyes were alternating from watching the growing lump in my pants to looking me right in the eyes.

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