Menage Erotica: Jen's Diner Chara Gladey Author

Menage Erotica: Jen's Diner Chara Gladey Author
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Jen’s Diner is a Men’s and Menage Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Jen’s Diner is a story of the typical American diner with an interesting twist. The typical customers frequenting the diner as usual except for a new comer. A small man with spectacles and a meek demeanor about him looks at the menu when Jen comes to take his order. She shows him the house special by lifting her leg, which on the menu appears as a cryptic image of what appears to be a small hairy bean. The man as many before rejects at first but then takes her up on her offer. They go behind the kitchen and perform the deed. When bikers appear the three women of the diner put on their emergency long dresses and replace the menu’s with ones with out the special. A gun is pulled out just in case. Due to a mishap one menu is left behind. Charlene agrees to service three bikers only once the rest have left under the watchful vigilance of her coworkers. It seems like another day at the diner.Excerpt:“How are you, Bud?” Jen greets him in her usual casual way. “Good, thanks. Nice diner, you got,” says the man.“Why, thank you kindly. We’re proud of it,” says Jen. “What will it be?”As the little man orders, Jen lifts up her left foot with its high-heeled shoe to rest casually on the bench on the other side of the table. The move exposes her bulging fat cunt falling out from under her tight pink uniform miniskirt, looking very much like the hairy coffee bean symbol on the menu.Jen loves to see the new customers’ faces when they glimpse these suddenly exposing vulvas. Their surprise is total. Most people look back to the menu and pretend that they hadn’t seen anything at all. Likewise does the insurance man, who glances back at the menu after being hit almost physically by the sight of Jen’s cunt.