Mob Broad - Menage Erotica/Multiple Partner Erotica Parker Heimann Author

Mob Broad - Menage Erotica/Multiple Partner Erotica Parker Heimann Author
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Mob Broad is a Menage Erotica/Multiple Partner Erotica short story - M/F, F/M/M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Set in a pseudo 1950s city environment, we meet a girl that would do anything for the mob—light cigars, shine shoes, secretary work, and getting dirty… very dirty. The story starts off by introducing us to Maria, a female mobster who likes her job and would do nothing else. She is the perfect hitman: ruthless, remorseless, efficient, and deadly. Her hits always make it to the news. But that’s not the only reason why her boss, especially her boss, likes her. She is dominant. Her boss may be her boss, but when someone eats her out, she always makes sure he does it exactly as she likes and wants it, or else. Her story and conquests continue through the tale as she fucks the boss, gets jobs done, and fucks everyone else who she fancies. But there is someone she doesn’t like and, coincidentally, neither does anyone else. That particular someone gets a hit ordered on his head. Maria, however, makes sure that poor old Danny won’t simply be shot in the head, but will go out in style, humiliated and denied a last bit of pleasure before his body hits the floor.ExcerptEveryone except Danny was undressed now, the other guys only in their socks. Jimmy still had his wife beater on, probably to hide his embarrassing beer gut. The boss’s girl didn’t care – she just wanted the dick. Maria was already reaching down and sucking on Joe’s cock. Jimmy had already reached behind her, grabbing her ass and slowly stuffing his cock into her. It wasn’t long before Jimmy was ramming her. Jimmy even reached into her cunt from behind, pulling and digging into it with ruthless fingers, wanting to satisfy both holes. It surprised Danny how quickly Maria had started moaning, and he already felt like he was missing out.“Oh!” Maria called. “Oh yeah! Hit it, guys, hit it.”Danny swallowed a gulp.Maria was between the guys, already getting handled like some old toy that could have come with the abandoned room. Danny had never seen her act so submissively, craving the dick, sucking on it, getting fucked from behind. It was such an overload on Danny’s mind.

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