Monster Erotica Bundle Collection Set (Stand Alone Pulp Fiction Sex Stories) Tabatha Houston Author

Monster Erotica Bundle Collection Set (Stand Alone Pulp Fiction Sex Stories) Tabatha Houston Author
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Genre: Pulp Science Fiction Erotica This 52,700+ word Pulp Science Fiction Erotica bundle set and love affair to the Golden Age of Science Fiction and Pulp Fantasy contains: Captain Future - Penis Monsters of Mars (Pulp Science Fiction Erotica)Taken By The Tiki (F/F F/M Monster Erotica) To Saur, with Love (Dinosaur Erotica Romance)Guess Who’s Coming At Dinner? (Dinosaur Erotica Romance)Taken By The Weremoose (Canadian Paranormal Romance)Taken By The Delivery Drone (Robot Erotica)Captain Future - I Kinked The Kaiju (Growth Erotica)Captain Future - Penis Monsters of MarsAfter the events of Captain Future - The Corn Dildo from Outer Space, Captain Future and her Space Marine boy toy take a well deserved vacation on newly terraformed Mars.Captured by strange creatures, Captain Future must perform the traditional ceremony involving latex rubber wear, and multiple partners - The Royal Rodgering.Can she endure the Physicality of the Penoids or is this too much for even her to take?Taken By The TikiJessica doesn’t believe in Hawaiian magic. Much to her and her bi-curious friend Stacy’s surprise, a real life freaky tiki wakes up on the Forbidden Island!It’s horny, fully functional and ready for some hot lovin’.To Saur, with LoveCould you love a Dino-American? That’s the question Becky needs to answer when Texas gets their first dinosaur instructor. Genetically engineered to resemble a velociraptor, Rick’s got the body of dinosaur but the needs of a man. Becky’s got her own needs but is Rick the sexual beast to satisfy them?Guess Who’s Coming At Dinner?When Jessica met Michael, a man altered by cloning technology, she couldn’t resist his charm, his scaly skin, his masculine claws, and oh, that British accent! They have a perfect love, but Jessica’s friends aren’t so sure. When the happy couple visits the open-minded Robert and Liz, the friends must confront their racism against dinosaurs.How can Robert and Liz prove that they aren’t bigots? Michael has an idea. Their hosts must watch as the man in the shape of a dinosaur and their friend Jessica go at it right on their white linen tablecloth. It’s a dinner party you won’t forget.Taken By The Weremoose Rescued from a car accident by a moose on the loose, Jennifer’s surprised her rescuer isn’t an ordinary animal but a weremoose. Cursed for the greatest of Canadian sins (besides hating hockey), Brandon was forced to remain a moose until he learned to be polite. Now able to switch to his human form after decades of celibacy, he is ready to make up for lost time.After seeing the rugged muscled lumberjack, Jennifer is eager to show appreciation to her weremoose rescuer. Anything else would be impolite and that’s not very Canadian.Taken By The Delivery Drone Everyone in the neighborhood would do anything to get an UltraTablet. Fortunately, Alice has one on its way.With that gift, she’ll get in good with the Homeowners Association.All she has to do is wait for the flying drone to deliver it.Unfortunately… or fortunately for a sexual frustrated housewife, the drone’s got a filthy mind of its own, eight tendrils, and terabytes of information on how to pleasure a woman.Will Alice accept the drone’s ‘package’ in exchange for a package?Captain Future - I Kinked The KaijuCaptain Future’s back and bigger than ever - thirty stories high to be exact.After Japan’s Kaiju Program literally grows out of control and threatens New Tokyo, it’s up to Captain Future to rise to the occasion.That’s not the only thing rising out of the water. Good thing Captain Future likes them big.

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