My Erotica - Out to Dry Mister Average Author

My Erotica - Out to Dry Mister Average Author
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A collection of nine of my erotica short stories in one volume for your enjoyment. Covering a range of subjects from futuristic situations to cuckoldry, from outrageous sexual humour to sex in fantasy worlds. Some stories will make you laugh until you wet yourself, others will make you cry, or shake your head in disgust. This is a broad sample of my works, on special for you. I hope you enjoy them. This selection of short stories includes The Girl Who Farted During Sex, perhaps my funniest piece, as well as the dark and sinister 23rd Century Sex, which describes the rise of the Fembots. Some recent reviews of this title include.. My Erotica Out to Dry was, without a doubt, the most unique and hilarious collection of erotic short stories I have ever read in my life. While I did enjoy all of the stories there was one that really stood out to me. The Girl Who Farted During Sex had me laughing so hard I think I alarmed my pet. Oh my goodness what an interesting collection of sexy stories! This is my first time reading Mr. Average, but so far I’m liking what he does with erotica and humor. Mister Average sure does like writing lite, funny porn. He seems to revel in the crazy scenarios, and the voice often seems like tongue-in-cheek satire. Gosh, how seriously hot, and the variety of ideas!! I really enjoyed this although I felt at times as though you were pushing ME to my limits.