New Bonds Jackson Fuller Author

New Bonds Jackson Fuller Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
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A werewolf named Asher wants to settle and start growing his pack. His current members, however, want to hunt and eat humans. He forbade it, but he fears they no longer listen to him. When Mason the cab driver saves him from a confrontation with Asher’s mate, his pack targets Mason as their next victim. Mason finds himself intoxicated with this mysterious, handsome man with the dangerous boyfriend while Asher finds it increasingly difficult to ignore what the charming cabbie could offer him as a new partner.Next, Clark was exiled from his old pack. Isolated and, yes he’d admit it, painfully horny, he seeks out a new pack he hears is starting in Winter’s Haven. Before he finds the pack, he meets a Hunter who offers to help him with one of his increasingly pressing needs. Clark finds him terribly appealing, and his offer to tie Clark up in the bedroom doesn’t get passed up. But when Clark realizes the Hunter wants a member of his new clan, Clark is no longer certain he can trust him.Promises are broken while new bonds form in the gay werewolf erotica novel, New Bonds.While this gay erotica contains explicit sex, it does not contain abo dynamics or male pregnancy.