Orgasmic : Erotica for Women

Orgasmic : Erotica for Women
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The first-ever book of erotica covering every kind of orgasm’Orgasmic’ springs from a delicious idea – a book of erotica that explores every possible type of orgasm. This highly original concept could only have come from the delightfully dirty (and brilliant) mind of Rachel Kramer Bussel. Oral sensations, digital delights, tricks with toys, and the old bump and grind are all featured, along with many more imaginative ways to bring a lover to climax. By taking the reins, one woman finds pleasure on top; an experimental lover discovers ecstasy with a remote-led vibrator; body and soul merge in multiple orgasms through tantric sex. ‘Orgasmic’ covers it all, from the familiar to the uncharted, opening up a Pandora’s Box of scenarios and techniques to bring readers to new heights of pleasure.

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