Paranormal Erotica: A Mermaid's Love Breana Kohr Author

Paranormal Erotica: A Mermaid's Love Breana Kohr Author
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A Mermaid’s Love is a Paranormal Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Willard is a man in love with the sea and dreams of quitting his job and finding a Moby Dick tale of his own. He is too old for the young women who hang around the clubs and taverns, so finds solace in remembering times past while sailing out to sea on the weekends. However, his fate hangs in the balance as his boat steers off course and he finds himself in uncharted territory. There, he meets something that defies all logic: a legendary mermaid creature! This is no ugly sea-beast though; this half-woman-half-fish creature is beautiful and quickly falls in love with him. She escaped from a hostile kingdom under the s…er, the ocean. Willard is tempted. He feels it wouldn’t be right to take advantage of her naiveté…but then again, he has been really lonely. And she does have a great body and cute little fins!Excerpt:Her hair was deep, dark blue and her complexion was fair, pale, and almost translucent and glowing, as if an aquatic creature from the deep. Willard jumped back, startled at what he thought he saw, and the creature disappeared instantly, leaving behind a splashing sound below.He sat up quickly, analyzing the water, trying to figure out what images he saw, and what he might have imagined.He decided to play dead a moment, leaning back against the pillow and shutting his eyes. He made sure whatever it was saw his calm and relaxed breathing rate. Just as with catching a fish, he lured it out, seducing it into a falsely secure environment.When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw it again: a ghostly but beautiful complexion staring down at him. As its eyes widened, upon realizing it had been seen, Willard quickly spoke up, raising his pitch but slowing down his pace.“Don’t be afraid!” he reassured the escaping human-like creature that was still a world away in form. “I just want to see you. I won’t hurt you.”The creature came back up from the water but from the opposite end of the boat, a comfortable distance from Willard’s threatening arms.The creature rose slowly and gave Willard a startling view of its body. Willard’s guest was female in form with long, stringy hair that looked as dark as night in the dusk sky. She had a feminine face with pouty lips and a natural face—except for one feature: her unusually large and playful eyes.The she demon had pasty skin but beautiful bare breasts far too supple to be covered by her hair. Her nipples were slightly green but still reminded the old man of young, fertile women back in the day.“I…I have never seen anything like you,” Willard said in his soft voice, which the sea creature found to be peaceable. “Can you understand me? What I am saying?”She tilted her head to him, much like a sea lion might reply to a trainer.

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