Paranormal Erotica: Pastor's Favorite Chara Gladey Author

Paranormal Erotica: Pastor's Favorite Chara Gladey Author
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Pastor’s Favorite is an Interracial and Paranormal Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Mary is what one might call a very naughty pastor. She masturbates every night, convinced that Lucifer himself possesses her body and urges her limbs to unimaginable pleasure. Before she became a pastor, she used to be a small town slut. Now, she’s the devils bitch. She often fantasizes about black men and often watches porn on the internet, masturbating. She fantasizes about one black man in particular, a banker that has recently moved to town with his family. She buys a large, black dildo and fantasizes about how Samuel is fucking her from behind, in the ass. One day, Samuel takes the initiative and simply shows her that he is very interested in her. Mary doesn’t waste any time to live out her fantasies and enjoys Samuel and his big black cock. They reenact one of her favorite fantasies once again the next week, this time at the cemetery, where she tells Samuel to put on a mask made in the image of Lucifer. He agrees without restraint and fucks her like the devil himself.Excerpt:In her bedroom, at roughly the masturbation spot on the bed in her bedroom, Mary’s wet dream is becoming alarmingly real.Just like in the dream, the pastor now kneels down and bends over on one side of the bed. She has stripped entirely, and now her large round behind is waiting.Then, as in the dream, it’s Samuel this time who is the African whose huge penis is spearing into her body.Never in her experience has her poor cunt had to try to accommodate anything so large and long. It’s as if Samuel is dangling another of her black dildo between his legs.Not only satisfied with her tight vagina, once lubricated with the creative moisture from inside there, the black rod seeks to finish inside her anus.But that is not an easy task. Mary enjoys anal sex, if only with her black dildo in recent years. But she is defending against this intruder now that is forcing its way into the wrong passage.

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