Paranormal Erotica: The Wight Anonymous Author

Paranormal Erotica: The Wight Anonymous Author
Categories: Books, Erotica
Brand: Anonymous Publishing, Inc.
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Paranormal Erotica are sexy short stories with a dark side, often including horrific creatures or supernatural evils. All tales delve into extreme desire, paranoia, and obsession. These stories contain more literary beats and haunting descriptions, a certain atmosphere often lacking in contemporary erotica.An antiquated book. A secluded mansion in a frightening wood. An eldritch pact. Rare bookseller, Aleister Holloway, stumbles into an erotic relationship with an eccentric couple, but the two lovers guard horrific secrets. The woman loves sharing her body with strangers. The man obeys his wife’s commands. Will voyeurism and ancient mysteries drive poor Aleister to madness? Find out in The Wight.

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