Paranormal Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author

Paranormal Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are an invisible quickie in the park, the re-education of a teacher, a sexy witch privately humiliating a hot fetishist, and Minny returning to her home beyond time to pleasure her best friends. There is something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica Vol. 2’ contains the following four stories:# Dominated (Seduction)Today is Minny’s Day off. After years and years of dominating men and doing as she pleases with them, it’s finally time for Minny to relax and unwind and what better place than the park? Unfortunately, one man and his bad behavior require Minny to educate him in the proper ways of how to romance a woman. This guy has never been any luckier.# Bad Boy Breaking (Domination)Some boys are just too rude and require re-education so that they can be productive members of society. Minny is here as the expert in education to help these young men find the right way with a little bit of sex thrown in on the side. This is Minny’s most sexy experience so far.# Rough Sex (Kinky)Minny finds herself in a coffee shop, angry, upset and extremely annoyed at all boys everywhere. She has had enough and it’s time for her to bring out her sadistic side on the nearest piece of red hot flesh available. What this means is, one cafe worker is going to have the roughest S&M session of his decrepit existence and love every moment of it.# Play Thing.(Menage)Having been a long time away from home, Minny is finally coming back to make sure that her pets are well cared for. However, when she arrives back, she finds that her prize pet is having problems and requires a little bit of special attention. This is Minny’s most ‘innocent’ experience ever.

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