Paranormal Erotica Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author

Paranormal Erotica Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the God of Kinky Sex trying to satisfy five lusty sex fiends with his pride on the line, a bunch of pagans offering up a gorgeous virgin for the sex god’s enjoyment, two slutty cops who want a interracial threesome with a god, and the story of his private shame at the hands of the supreme mistress of sex. There is something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica Vol. 4’ contains the following four stories:# The Defiler and The Zombie Whores (Orgy)The defiler - the god of kinky sex - finds himself facing his biggest challenge yet as he goes in search of some sexy zombie whores to satisfy his needs. However, he finds more than he was bargain for in these five lusty ladies. Can he live his purpose and ‘sex them up good’ or will he find himself overwhelmed by their unlimited lust and sexual stamina and prove himself no god of sex?# The Defiler and The Gypsy Whores (Orgy)Pagans are the bread and butter of the God of Sex. The defiler has gotten an excellent lead on some very horny pagans that require his immediate defilement. Of course, things gets wild and kinky pretty quickly and soon they present him with his greatest love: A sweet virgin maiden ready to fulfill his needs. This may well be the sweetest night of his life.# The Defiler and The Slut Cops (Threesome)Jail sex has never been this bad. The defiler is in jail and with Officer White Chocolate and Officer Dark Chocolate horny and wanting to give him the ‘special treatment’. Who is he to deny their womanly urges?# The Defiler and The Sex Mistress (Alpha Female / Domination)The defiler has met his match. There is no one throughout the ages that can compare to her. To his knowledge none so daring and skillful has ever existed - in the world of gods and of men. The sex mistress is here and he had better watch out as she’s hungry for the God of Kinky Sex’s ’love’ and much more.

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