Paranormal Erotica Vol. 5 Sophie Sin Author

Paranormal Erotica Vol. 5 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of the God of Kinky Sex seducing some keyboard warrior girl gamers, the same god a little wasted on the hard stuff and making the mistake of taking on the entire devil’s harem, a relaxing orgy with some fiesty cheerleaders, and a quick visit to Sodom for the ‘sights’. There is something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica Vol. 5’ contains the following four stories:# The Defiler and The Girl Gamers (Threesome)Sometimes being the God of Defilement is a difficult job. Today the defiler has to figure out how to have ‘special relationships’ with a few digital very special whores that require his attentions. The God of Kinky Sex has plans to treat these wonderful ladies to a very special evening. It will be one enjoyed by all.# The Defiler and The Devil’s Harem (Orgy)The defiler and his uncle, the devil, are enjoying a few drinks together. Slowly but surely, the God of Kinky Sex falls under the spell of the wickedly strong brew. Sometimes when we are a little too drunk, we make bad decisions. The defiler makes the daring decision to visit the group of she-demons known as the devil’s harem. Nothing will be left unexposed in his sultry quest to sate his lust. Nothing.# The Defiler and The Cheerleaders (Orgy)There is one thing that the defiler loves more than defilement and that is cheerleaders. Going to the game of his favorite team, he soon finds himself in a position to enjoy some time with these beautiful ladies. An orgy after a game is a great way to relax!# The Defiler in Sodom (Threesome)Sodom is a great place for a holiday and with two beautiful lesbians ready and willing to satisfy his every need for a bagful of gold the defiler is in for one heck of a good time!

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