Paranormal Erotica Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author

Paranormal Erotica Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author
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Brand: Lunatic Ink Publishing
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a sex witch and the God of Kinky Sex in competition at a sex club, a doctor’s visit that is more than to check the defiler’s health, the kinky punishment of the God of Kinky Sex for being lazy by a gorgeous female sex god, and an orgy with the Amazonians. There is something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica Vol. 6’ contains the following four stories:# The Defiler and Minny The Sex Witch (Sex Challenge)The defiler has finally met his true match in Minny The Sex Witch. A competition is soon suggested and creates events that will shock the reader to the core. This is a no-holds-barred sex fight.# The Defiler and Sex Doctor (Seduction)Every man has his problems and, as the defiler looks like one, he’s decided it’s time to go and see a sex doctor. However, he is not looking for advice and he soon finds a willing participant, who is ready to solve all of his sexual issues.# The Defiler and Anti-Defiler (Domination)Failure sometimes comes back to bite you in the butt and the God of Taxes has sharp teeth. With his failure with the sex mistress hanging over his head, the anti-defiler has been sent to teach him a lesson. Can he escape the anti-defiler’s kinky plan?# The Defiler and The Amazonians (Orgy)The Amazonian tribe is a group of sexy woman who have no men to satisfy them. It’s a planet wide lesbian sexfest that the defiler just has to get involved in. This story is a life changer for the defiler and his last appearance (for now).

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