Paranormal Erotica: White Bible Collection 3 Dick Powers Author

Paranormal Erotica: White Bible Collection 3 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of an assistant turned assassin turned solid spanking for our hero, a rescue from a handsome hunk that allows for a little romance, the cleansing of a poison by a nemesis, and a final cure in one long orgy that ends in a new type of freedom. There’s something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica: White Bible Collection 1’ contains:# White Bible #9: Assassin (Domination)Reality hurts and especially so when your assistant turns out to be an assassin hellbent on violating you in every way possible. Unfortunately, Mickey has Abel by the reins this time and he’s going to whip him hard all the way to the finish line. Served hard and hot for your pleasure.# White Bible #10: Peasant (Hunk)Poisoned and dying, Abel seeks the affections of a handsome young stranger to save his life from the wasting death he will soon experience. The man turns out to be a handful of gay delights and Abel is about to have the best sex of his long life right on the forest floor, meters from the road. This is all public sex for all!# White Bible #11: Nemesis (Redemption)Kane has Abel in his clutches and he’s never going to let him go. However, with Abel facing death due to the poison fed to him by his assistant, Abel doesn’t have much time left. Can they put aside their differences for some goodbye sex?# White Bible #12: God (Orgy)Abel has turned to the God of Hate for a cure to the disease that is killing him one orgasm at a time, but the god has other things in mind and engages Abel in the hardest sexfest of his life - all in front of his lover’s eyes!

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