Peach Delight - Lesbian Erotica Victoria Pazdzierny Author

Peach Delight - Lesbian Erotica Victoria Pazdzierny Author
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You quickly leave one kiss on my chin and then kiss my neck long and passionately. I tilt my head so that you have better access to it. I close my eyes, focusing on the sensations flowing through me. You lick and suck on my skin, occasionally nibbling it hard and leaving red marks behind. You mark me with yourself. I’m not going to complain or hide it later from the intrusive world. Let them look, let them be jealous, let them wonder who you are. Longing for closeness and familiar touch fills each day of their lives with consensual sex:, submission, domination and strong, violent touch that leaves red marks. Two women in love complete their monogamous relationship with BDSM elements that each of them needs to feel fulfilled. Victoria Październy writes queer erotica in which steamy descriptions are completed by tenderness and sensitivity. Her stories are set in everyday life where strong desire mixes with the surrounding reality.

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