Personal Trainer (Black and Beautiful Erotica, #1) Nicolas Blanc Author

Personal Trainer (Black and Beautiful Erotica, #1) Nicolas Blanc Author
Categories: Books, Erotica
Brand: Minuet Publishing
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Unfit, disorganised and unskilled in relationships, Emily’s life is ready for change when she meets Jay, a personal trainer.Jay is the polar opposite of Emily, muscled, lean and driven.Challenged by Jay and pulled by powerful desires she doesn’t fully understand, Emily begins on a journey of discovery that will change her life forever.What happens to Emily is unexpected as she finds and embraces a new sexual self. Emily finds that she enjoys being sexually submissive to Jay and devotes herself to him totally.In exploring her new sexual self Emily engages in a series of sexual adventures, continually pushing herself to explore new sexual heights with Jay and his friends. Written by Nicolas Blanc the author of the Erotica series of books, French Maid, the Dark Mermaid and other erotica novels.Published by Minuet Publishing, the home of sizzling, story based erotica.

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