Pounded by the Gay Officer (reluctant first time gay erotica) Sofia Bellhouse Author

Pounded by the Gay Officer (reluctant first time gay erotica) Sofia Bellhouse Author
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Already late for his date with the hottest girl he’d met, Zack feels like he has no choice but to go barreling down the highway. It’s no surprise that he’s by the patrolling officer, and he finds himself in deeper trouble when he realizes he’s forgotten his wallet at home. But this burly man has some unorthodox ways of punishing him. It’ll make Zack’s pants uncomfortably tight as he’s handcuffed and pressed up against the hood of the officer’s car, enduring a manhandling that’ll shove his previous date right out of his mind and replace it with something far more appetizing.Warning: this 5,600+ word story is for adults only. It involves steamy oral sex for both participants, rough anal sex, barebacking and an anal creampie that’ll leave this first time gay craving for more. All characters involved are over 18.Excerpt:This was torture, and nothing could convince me otherwise. I mentally screamed at my body to fight back, to do something to regain what dignity I had left from this sort of situation, but even that was starting to fade fast. What started as me vehemently denying that this felt right in any way, shape or form was already dissolving before my eyes, replaced with something far more dangerous the harder and faster he rubbed himself against me.I wasn’t sure when my body started to stiffen in a completely different manner, my mind settling in a heated, but zen-like state as I slowly gave into these sudden and surprising needs.M-maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, accepting this for what it was. The guy was rough, but then he ducked his head further and captured the lobe of my ear between my teeth, a jolt of pleasure shooting up my spine from such a simple notion. It wasn’t long before I began to shamelessly rub against the man’s long and hard length.