Pretty Little Flower - Romance Erotica/Couple's Erotica Dakota Deece Author

Pretty Little Flower - Romance Erotica/Couple's Erotica Dakota Deece Author
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Pretty Little Flower is a Romance Erotica/Couple’s Erotica short story - F/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Michael owned a flower shop, but Jess never received any flowers. After dating for a while, Jess is starting to wonder if Michael really likes her or not. Today is Valentine’s Day. She hopes that today will be the day she will receive flowers from Michael; he surprises her in more ways than one. After following a trail of petals and finding that Michael had listened to her and lined the hall with her favourite flower, Valentine’s Day was turning into a day of surprises…and there are more to come.ExcerptThey stumbled to the bed, tripping over the raised platform the mattress lay on, landing on the edge of the bed in a rush of limbs and bare skin. He had pulled off his t-shirt in the rush to the bed, and Jess giggled delightedly, taking his nipples into her mouth, the firm edges tight and wrinkling slightly under her ministrations. He smelled so good - the alluring scent of flowers mixed with a musky, deeper scent, his sweat, beading on his skin as his heart thudded harder and harder against her lips, as she kissed deep into the collarbone. The tang there was delicious - a salty, soft taste with an undertone of flowers.

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