Probed - Paranormal Erotica Blaine Teller Author

Probed - Paranormal Erotica Blaine Teller Author
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Probed is a Paranormal Erotica short story - F/M/M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Pretty and curvy brunette Courtney is out for a nice long walk in the woods. She is very comfortable alone and is looking forward to enjoying her own company, so to speak. Just when she settles into a comfortable spot, she is abducted by what is meant to appear as an interstellar science vessel. She finds out that her assumptions are incorrect when the behavior of the large-headed gray aliens on board tips her off. They don’t seem to be interested in any scientific data. She discovers that she isn’t dealing with scientists, but a bunch of otherworldly perverts! She is, however, quite kinky and more than willing to endure their experiments. They certainly know how to push things to the limit as they please her and tease her over and over again. They force her to comply as they experiment and she discovers that she likes everything the universe has to offer.ExcerptOne night, I was taking such a hike when the urge began to overtake me. I headed for this nice little clearing I like to use to take care of myself. It was nearby, and it provided enough privacy that the people living nearby wouldn’t be able to see me from their homes. It wasn’t much, just a roughly round patch of grass about ten feet across with no trees or other large flora.I sat with my back against a tree, facing the rest of the clearing. I didn’t mind getting my long, brown hair dirty in the tree bark. I intended to skinny dip in the creek afterwards anyway.

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