Purloined Princess Box Set (Fantasy Erotica Anthology) Dana Bowman Author

Purloined Princess Box Set (Fantasy Erotica Anthology) Dana Bowman Author
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Princess Emerald’s captivity and voyage through the underworld, collected here at last! These tales of fantastic group, anal and mating erotica are sure to please your darkest cravings. Collects Purloined Princess, Purloined Princess 2: Shaved and Stroked, and Purloined Princess 3: Bound and Bred.Purloined Princess - Princess Emerald thought her biggest problem today would be embarrassing herself in front of the eligible prince Larimar. She was quite wrong - a stealthy ship, a crew of lusty goblins and an orcish chirugeon all conspire to bring her on a crash course towards fulfilling a dark, lustful prophecy. Fantasy, anal, and group play.Purloined Princess 2: Shaved and Stroked - Carried into the underworld by her captors, Princess Emerald is turned over to the tender mercies of Scytora, a dark elven mistress with a pair of strapping slaves who will leave our heroine Shaved and Stroked. An adults-only tale featuring fantasy, oral play, anal play, group play, femdom, blindfolding, and shaving. Femdom, group, anal and (of course!) shaving erotica.Purloined Princess 3: Bound and Bred - Princess Emerald’s journey in captivity comes to its climax, as her captors mark her and her new mate claims her as she’s Bound and Bred. This adults only tale features explicit scenes of fantasy erotica, tattooing, and soul-shaking deep breeding between princess and orc. Be aware! Tattooing, breeding, bondage and throbbing orcish lusts!

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