Romance Erotica: Awakening Waters Jessica Bankman Author

Romance Erotica: Awakening Waters Jessica Bankman Author
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Awakening Waters is a Romance Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Sophia is distraught when she catches her new husband Damien in bed with her best friend April. Her husband tries to convince her that it was a mistake and that he is sorry, but Sophia knows it is more than that. Sophia and April had planned a girl’s trip to the French Caribbean Island called Martinique in order to celebrate Sophia’s big 30 and get in a little relaxation. April may be out of Sophia’s life now, but Sophia decides she’s going on the much-needed trip anyways. She needs some time alone to sort out her thoughts and life after losing the two people she loved and trusted the most. Unexpectedly, Sophia meets a French man named Andre on the island and shares a few passionate nights with him. She becomes torn when she realizes that she’s just as bad for cheating on her husband, as he was and promises herself that she will not continue to see him. When Sophia heads back to her hotel and finds her husband Damien there waiting for her, she has to decide whether she should continue to love a man her heart never truly belonged to or go after the man that in her mind is her prince charming.Excerpt:Neither Damien nor April noticed the voyeur watching their act from behind them. They continued moaning in and out of their own ecstasy, April screaming one last “oh my god!” and then unleashing her fluids onto her best friend’s husband’s dick. Damien looked down and saw April’s juices cover his stiffened member and lost it. He pulled out quickly and shot his jizz all over her ass.Standing up, Damien looked down at April and said, “damn babe that’s some of the best pussy I ever had. Thank you.”April smiled, trying to snap the enclosures of her bra together and turned around to see her best friend standing there in astonishment. Fear released through her body, not knowing what Sophia was going to do to her. She knew that her deceit and betrayal to her friend was wrong, but she wanted Damien since she first met him. She tried to respect their relationship, not to get involved, but after Damien confided in her a few weeks ago asking if Sophia was cheating on him because she wasn’t giving him any, she knew that she had to have her way with him. She wasn’t going to let this hot piece of meat get away from her, not when his own wife didn’t care to fuck him. She swore she only meant to fuck him once. She just wanted to see what he was like. She never planned to keep fucking him every day when Sophia was away at work. She never meant to ever hurt her best friend. She just thought she’d never find out.The bags of groceries dropped onto the floor, the can of whipped cream exploding onto the carpet and catching the attention of Damien who was now turned around staring at his wife’s horrified face. Sophia just stood in shock, unable to move. She knew that she had been a terrible wife to Damien; she already felt guilty about that. She’d understand him wanting to cheat on her, but with her, with April?“What the fuck is going on here?!” screamed Sophia, feet still frozen to the ground. “You’re sleeping with my best friend?! What the fuck is wrong with you April?! How could you hurt me like this?!”Damien’s mouth now resembled that of a capital O. A million thoughts raced throughout his mind, none of which holding a viable excuse for Sophia. He never truly wanted April. Sure they flirted a little from time to time, mostly on her part, but he never planned to sleep with her. She may have been sexy, she may of dressed trashy and caught the eyes of most men she walked by, but Damien wasn’t into that type of girl. He knew that no man could turn a whore into a housewife, at least that’s what he told himself.

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