Romance Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author

Romance Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are a man on his wedding anniversary trying to repair his broken relationship or face losing it, the sexy Christmas present one man gets to enjoy (toys and all), a woman with a chocolate fetish that extends to men, and a man who surprises his wife on her holiday with sexy consequences. There is something for everyone within!‘Romance Erotica Vol. 2’ contains the following four stories:# The OneTed is, deep in his heart, a romantic. Today is his wedding anniversary and he’s decided to repair the part of his relationship that is most broken: His sex life. With a horde of tricks up his sleeves and an eager desire to please, he’s going to work Julie over and take her to a new world to convince her that a healthy life is one with lots of hot, steamy sex.# Christmas PresentCassie has sex on the brain big time. Tim has been away for over one year and without a single source of delicious manly satisfaction, Cassie has been burning to experience the true love of a red hot flesh and blood man. Thankfully, Christmas is here and with sexy panties and wicked toys galore, Cassie and Tim are going to get there satisfaction tenfold.# ChocolateSarah likes chocolate and not just the kind you eat. She has a fetish for the brown boy team and the super star basketballer Tyrone is right up her alley for a good time. This woman will stop at nothing to have her chocolate shot and Tyrone is going to give her the best time of her life with the hardest game she’s ever played happening right in her center court.# AnniversaryAbsence makes the heart grow fonder; it also makes one very frustrated sexually. Dick loves Jessica and he’s in Thailand for the special purpose of celebrating his wedding anniversary with her. However, she’s got needs too and they need fulfillment. Is Dick man enough to truly please his wife completely? Find out inside.