Rough Sex Erotica Naughty Daydreams Press Author

Rough Sex Erotica Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Five Erotica Stories of Rough and Reluctant SexRough sex erotica is just about the most popular around, and it’s no surprise because when sex gets intense it gets hot as hell! Naughty Daydreams Press is committed to bringing you the steamiest rough sex around. In this collection, you’ll find rough BDSM sex, gangbang sex, and even blackmail sex. If you like erotic sex encounters with more than a little bit of an edge, you’ll love this collection. So, download it today, and get ready for a reluctant and rough sex extravaganza!THE BLIND DATE BDSM SEX ENCOUNTER (A Male Bondage Group Sex erotica story) by Debbie BrownstoneKari is back after the sudden and unexpected loss of her anal virginity on a blind date. Her first anal experience was very, very rough anal sex. Turnabout is fair play, and on her second date, she’s arranged something special for Russ. In this case, special means whips, chains, and the need to please four women who join him. With plenty of back door sex and a brand new asshole virgin ready for her first anal sex experience, Kari makes sure the night will be one Russ won’t ever forget!COMPANY PICNIC GANGBANG (A Young Slutty Secretary Gangbang erotica story) by Kate YoungbloodI’m a slut, and I’ve never pretended to be anything else. I sucked and fucked my way through school, and a daily blowjob kept my boss happy. When he went away on assignment, though, I discovered there were more men at the office who wanted me. Hell, what’s another blowjob or two, right? I never expected they would take me at the company picnic! I never expected to be tied up and dealing with cock after cock after cock! I especially never expected that they’d take my backdoor virginity, but that’s what happened, a brutal first anal sex experience in the midst of a rough gangbang complete with double penetration!SEX SURVIVOR: TAKING ON FOUR (A Rough Gangbang Erotica Story) by Julie BossoSandra and her husband Ralph are back and excited to watch a new episode of the reality show Sex Survivor. This time, Sandra’s in for a treat because the show is all about rough gangbang sex, and as she watches, her husband surprises her by getting rough himself! It’s incredible for Sandra because even as she sees the girl on screen endure rough forced deepthroat and a vicious double penetration, her husband makes sure she experiences everything by using sex toys to copy what they see on screen!BENNETT WANTS ME HELPLESS BENEATH HIM (A First BDSM Sex Experience Erotica Story) by Tracy BondI just didn’t get it. Bennett Burnham was the perfect boyfriend. Okay, in fairness, we weren’t yet officially an item, but we were well into the relationship, and I was ready to give it up to the boy with the superhero alter ego name, but that’s what I didn’t understand. I couldn’t get the man to fuck me! If I like a boy, he’s getting the goods on the third date. Well, we’d been through six, and I couldn’t get him interested no matter how wide I spread my legs! Then I learned that Bennett wanted our first time to be special. No, I’m not talking about wine, roses, and a honeymoon. I’m talking about domination and submission! And he wanted it out in public!SHUT UP AND SWALLOW: A Very Rough Blackmail Sex Short (by Veronica Halstead)Meg is having trouble with one of her students and it’s made worse because his parents are wealthy contributors to the school. She can’t handle it anymore and she makes the brat skip lunch. Big mistake. In order to keep her job and for the school to keep its programs open, she’s going to have to submit to a humiliating double team sex encounter complete with very rough sex, spanking, and, of course, she’ll have to swallow every drop!

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